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Economies dont exist in sustainable (expoenetial rising ways) without education do they? 

Whille the www of berners lee goes back to 1989, and satelllites to the late 1960s when The Economist (curriculum Entrepreneurial Revolution) first started mapping the human race that would spend 4000 times more on global village tech 2030now versus 1946, its valuable to select this timeline as integral to all millennials livelihoods

1995-2015's top 20 job creators as an inaugural pro-millennials hall of fame -tell us your nomination and reference point - we will add thise we understand as contenders here - thanks isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com

1995 was the first ecommerce experiment by and fior china -Bravo Jack Ma -thank goodness your english teaching led you to be a youth ambassador to silicon valley...1995/1996 was when partners of muhammad yunus launched networks of mobile around the world's poorest village women . and next billion dolar educatiion foundation ...



1.0 in last 12 years of pre-digital era designs the mist elegant banking circle models ever seen and empowered by youth with a graduate team of typically 3 barefoot bankers serving 60 circles of 60 vilage mothers every week - that's 3500 family's saving, creduit and job creation needs sustaining typically 20000 people per 3 graduate vilage hub

2.1 is centre of gravity for what was in mid 1990s most amazing pro-youth partnership - mobile phones one for each grameen circle of 60 -the most valuable job vilage mothers had ever been asked to socially netrwork- 20 yeras on the catalogue of mobile partnerships of women4empowerment is the most exciting gamechanger ending vilage poverty has ever seem - missing infsratrutires such as veing off electricity grid are being mobile leapfrogged -see eg grammen shakti's billion person model - nancy wimmers book

3.2 the jury is out as to whether muhamad yunus will succeed in bring prefenential noption poor to mass media but whats unstoppable now are curricula of universityofstars and of global poverty unibersity 


the english language teacher who could free china to create jons with the internet

well we hope ma is serious in declaring ali baba as a bit of good busienss  fun and education foundations as his number 1 mission in life's race to 100 million job creation.

in any event the west coast's monopoly view that the internet is an appendix to mass th advertsising is well and truly blown- and the chnace to design a media smart enough for millennials tro achieve sustainability goals is back from future orbit #2030now to 2015 -the moist exciting age to be alive and to value open education 

berners lee's deep contributions to human freedom may involve borderless regulations and open source architecture stuff

in keeping the web almost free for anyone but, you can also direct value his home university MIT

as top university meta-hub of jobs creation - research shows mit alumni create more start ups than any academic hub ; notable at mit are:

media lab (from negropronte of $100lap to joi ito),

open source curricula,

the world's number 1 year round student entrepreneur competitions, with sloan business school proud of 1) decentralisising

enetrepreneur competitions to every practice lab; its role of graviating 360 degree capital for student winners- in fact

if an mit comopetion winner has too fast an exit strategy he's sent acriss the pond to harvard to find financing -real entrepreneurs create jobs, mba analysis destroys jobs - kook at unseen wealth analysis- note how mba accounting charges all  corporate spends on human training as cost not investment

the square mile walk around kendall with more future industry headquarters than anywhere on the planet,

the legatum tech wizards without whom there would have be no grameen phone nor the ever accelerating success of cashless banking for the poorest,

the whole family of development labs sponsored by abdul latif

-these last 2 citings suggest that it is fitting that the greatest every youth jobs conference is due to be

meta-hubbed out of dubai summer 2016 - ask for latest newsleter of who's prepping what

- chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk - august 2015 congrats to dubai from yazmi, free university partners south africa, amychina,netwomen4empowermement ...

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