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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

GRAMEEN exists to celebrate humanity by ending poverty worldwide through suitably mapping sustainable investments in people and communities from the grassroots up. Its knowhow has been gained through 30 years of practice starting up in the country Bangladesh whose independence began as one of the poorest nations on the planet

GRAMEEN KNOWLEDGE exists to help social business entrepreneurs, citizens, students, journalists and other friends of Dr Yunus exchange practices that Grameen has developed into service franchises and is making available for open source use together with a family of systemic methods which once understood as a whole organizational and valuation curriculum – Social ABC and SMBA - can be used to transform exponentially destructing sustainability crises .

Surveys show that the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the world most trusted person, economics mapmaker and banker!

Mathematically we can prove that Dr Yunus and his peers and compatriots - whose systems are now helping Bangladesh sustain 7% growth per annum – offer the simplest way to transform lose-lose-lose globalization which puts all future children’s’ lives at risk to a win-win-win globalization. Lose-lose-lose global is big brothered by economics and rules that are only designed so that the big get bigger. Win-win-win globalization needs to integrate 2 other vital needs –
- those of the poorest and digitally divided communities with the least
- safety and other viruses where boundaries that man makes in blinding ignorance of nature’s own system dynamics – for example saving people from the tsunami was not helped by all the science that operated within national borders whilst the dangerous waves were hours into spreading out to any coastline in nature's way

Dr Yunus model of banking for the poor makes him one of the happiest bankers in the world since every investment he has made has aimed at helping a person’s productivity and power to serve each other communally.

In 2008, it can also be seen that it is far safer banking model by every investment criteria we can find to invest truly in human productivity than invest in bubbling up demand in excess of what people , communities or nations can afford.

When the Bottom Line Is Ending Poverty
BusinessWeek - Feb 29, 2008
While Gandhi's goal was the end of colonialism, Yunus' is just as grand: He means to reform capitalism to make it a tool for ending poverty

To understand the maps and journeys that Dr Yunus invites you to connect , what other histories and movements do all our futures and cross-cultural energises need to be cokmonly grounded in as one inspiring human race:
  • Entrepreneurship movement since 1800 to transparently map how to sustain intergenerational progress through exponentially empowering peoples goodwills and freedoms to sustain and optimalise their creatity and productivity communally
  • Failing system mindsets and conventional blunbders atht each generation needs to hammer on the head to breakthrough to make the whole circle for humanity that much bigger to collaborate and compete around.
  • Gandhian truth system mapping since 1907: 3-in-one transformation crisis of education, profession, media
  • Media, communications, transportation and telecommunications studies since innovation of printing press to include:printing press; trains that begot industrial revolution; wireless;television ;www, internet and telecommunications; Grameen Solutions Centres and Knowledge Spaces -all such media chnaged community, productivity and demands of how imnpossible becomes possible with new opportunities and risks facilitated by conncting right action right people right time right place. Countre example, while wireless was new in terms of knowledge of this media, its wrong action place time people was exercised by Nazi Hitler in powering over Germany.

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