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 read all about : Future histories of nations and entrepreneurs at The Economist 1960 -1993 -

or review start of 2010s in The Economist-Russia  ASIA China  India  Japan  Singapore Hong Kong Taiwan  S.Korea  Malaysia    Thailand  Indonesia   Philippines Kazakhstan Pakistan Iran Saudi Arabia  Israel  Iraq  Europe GB Ukraine  Ireland  Italy Greece  France Germany Belgium Finland  Sweden  Netherlands Bulgaria Romania Poland Czech R  Slovakia  Spain  America Latin Mexico Brazil  Chile Argentina   Peru Ecuador   Colombia  Venezuela America North US Canada   Africa Nigeria  Egypt  South Afriica Algeria Asean-Pacific Australia

Future History Defiinition:

Mapping how much a child's future (freddom/happiness/value) -and the futures of the family tree as miroeconomic agents of sustainability - is locked in by history's expoenentials, and goodwill's value multipliers without bodrers

questions on playing GAMES of worldrecordjobs creators welcome - chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk linkedinUNwomens 

 Future Shock 1

Writing in 2020 you may be shockied that this question has only been asked worlddide in the last 75 years

The United Nations foundation in 1946 can be mapped round 3 exploratory quarters: that bring us to 2020  


  • growth of optimism up to and through the moon race decades of 1960s
  • part 1 1970 to 1995  exploring Moores 5G (2020s) to  1G(1980s) 0G 1970s- each decade muliptying 100 times more communicatuons tech so that by 2020s up to trillion times moore tech than needed to race to the moon- whilst each decade has brought more info with it than ever before 1995 started to scale 2 additional tarnsformations- practising ecommerce and the vision that worldwide humans networks would be mobilised around phones and other everyday devices not just experts in computing
  • future historians have argued since early 1960s that achieving sustainability goal number 1 for each next girl born will require tranforamtion of both education and finance: we will need to love each others peopels enoug to share transparent clues on what is blocking a nations children from developing, and a total transformation will be needed in education- everyone to become lifelong teacher of skil;s as well as studnt- many skills need practising in communities outside classrooms; examinations confined to siloised disciplines and one way being "top-down" correct  to administer must be shredded if humans are to value diversity the way nature does


 some people who offered maps before 1946

marco polo

adam smith

james wilson

gandhi with timely support from mari montessori 



2 huge engineering for humans  ;eaps and one agricultural one that scaled from 1947

vion neumann computers- sadly he died of cancer after a decade; His work spead across a norh atlantic arc from boston to Irelad/Britian/nordia to geneca as well as down east coast IBM Princeto and space DC to Texas

deming  who reduced practical faults in engieering to one in a million for cars and one in a billion for electronics- his work lagged adoption in USA but started to cfree the whole of the East from Japan to other island through the 1960s and after china's disilusionment with Rissia across the continent of Asia expoentally accelerating in desire from 1969 and in pracdtice from 1978 

Borlaug who help to chnage the science of crops to maximsie food security out of each locality's diffreent soli and climate conditions -across asia rice turned into a magic crop to end famine 

Its our rough understanding that 7 of the 8 biggest empires of 1946 agreed to a 2-stage plan- relaunch win-win grwoth among these bihheste conomies; as soon as such pathways had been found remap to include all the nations that had been colonised or left out of tghe way the G7 had ruled oceans and lands; it was recognosed that the empire that didnt want any such map was Russai USSR while dicated to by Stalin

As a human development goal, we would suggest alumni who got this dream and first attempts to linkin system chnages were:

kennedy family out of usa

Jean Monnet out of west europe at least within a fisrt triangularisation of his country france with germany and italy as brasintormed out of messia 1956

The Japan Emeror Family 

Good NEWS@ 1970


  • practice recommendation around Fazle Abed and Lee Kuan Yew and Larry Brilliant in South; 
  • gordon moore in west "branded" silicon valley from 1972
  • Japan's Keiretsu as well as emperor and nhk media which had leapt forward as a worldwide explorer when tokyo olympics was first to be satellite broadcast live worldwiide - making summer 2020 olympics and UN 75th fitting anniversaries for joy to all peoples young and old
  • In spite of the extraordiary sucess of moon race, interal divisons multipled in usa of 1960s with assiasinations of both kennedies and black americas. You might choose one of 4 alumni networks for optimism looking firward out of Europe ftrom 1970-from switzerland as the landlocked neutral crossroads of NEWS Europe: the world economic foorum of schwab which aslo made geneva the most practical space for much of the UN (eg heallh, trade,   later satellite tech CERN and ITU)...from italy the empire most concerned with not just continetal western europ but med sea trades to africxa and asia Romano Prodi- or one of 2 british commonwealth institutions - BBC natures quest from 1960s to 2020s by attenborough, or trying to mediate royal families which Prince Charles is in the middle of to this day.   (Strictly speaking the french word entrepreneur coined c 1800 by alumni JB Say of Adam Smith explores how to move beyond royals to truth mediated republics as well as going beyond top-down empires)


1970s the code needed to land on moon in 1968 was made out of Boston's MIT and it was alumni olsen who pioneered mini computing

while its an oversimplification we can explore the sceind quartre of the UN race and the first half of moore's 5G to OG by  looking at what the west did to coding and design of chips and what the west duid to engineering including production supply chains or miocroelectronics. In poure educatiopnal terms the future of human and macine langiages seems to have linkedin round 4 alumni networks of 1980s:

Gates who went from bostopn to set up microsoft as number5 1 code of personal computing in West Coast Seattle 

Jobs in silicon valley who  tried to pionner both pesroansl compter design and their own code at APPLe

Torvaulds who tried to open soirce code and went from noridca to silicon valley

Berner Lee who went from Geneva to MIT to free the wprld knpowledge sharing with webs 

If teachers and students who want to stay in innovation loop needed to undesrhow these western developmentys haped the 1G decade then the big news in the east was 110 years of closing to the loutside world rather than accept Bfritisgh ulimtaum to accept opium as a tradig cureency, China's fifth of the world's people wanted to  join the post moon race world and had ended any admiration of Russia's system. Kissinger open the china door to wordl trade but it was japan who in 1978 Deng asked to teach 1.5 billion people all kinds of engineering. The 4th quarter of the 20th C had already enterd a phase where engineering and trade across the islands of the far east : japan taiwan hong kong singaporea (and the south penisular of lorea) was helping people to rise in ways that made misson ipossible networking between communities on earth just as exciting as the race to space of the 1960s.

In 1972 The Economist pulished the fisrt future hiostory of the next 40 years- it explained how macroeconomists needed to disappear so that youth not politician's paper curreny rocked the world. This became part 1 of 3 of the series of entrepreneuriual revoliution (with prodi 1076) and intraprenurial now (with gifird oinchit 1982). In 1977  The Economist mapped what china could do in next 40 years if it value youth optimally. In 1984 The Economst fieldbood the 2025 report timelined what worldwide 11 yeras olds could bring to the wporld's first sustainability generation. Unknown to The Economist was 11 year old jack ma had satrted his first career - training 1000 peer to peer youth to be travel guides to the first city in China to iopen to the west - Hangzhou the town that marco polo had been mayor of in late 1200s.


 Case had helped america to be the first online continent of PCs. Nordica was the one region in Europe that focused innovation on satellite telecoms round nokia erickosn and telenor.

India's nilekani saw the huge opportunity of telecntres.

Yet we now know the westren world did not help teachers and students open source life developing knowhow before swamping the web with commerce. This is why 1995 was such an extraordinary year -launching the lifetime contributions of Bezos and the sceond of 3 life tike contributions of Ma - Jack Ma 

3 things diverged from 1995:

Amerucan big box retailers believed they won the war against ecommerce - instead bezos rose abnd rose

China of 1995 was still more than a decade behind in 2out of 3 infarstricures needed for fintech and ecommerce- ie mobile telcoms and overlad connections between suoperporst (it chose japans bulet trains not roads for cars- than heavens: what would climates chance be if it had choses nacrs). Jack Ma had 10 years to expeyment -how could ecomerce and fintech create jobs maximising local sme networks rural to city- and to find 2 estraordinary partnetrs the Silico Valley Taiwan wiszrd J Yang and the Jpanese tech investor Masa Son. 

Meanwheule the fisrt steps in digitral curency surrounded satellite engineers- the quadirs angaldeshi americans at mit and Ibrahim who helped bring mobile to Sudan and Kenya. Soros never a fan of paer currencies helped in the quadirs investment as did dubai. Bangladesh became the laboratory for what if poorest girls rise in productivy can develop a nations' sgds and revolutionise education



 Valuing youth as explorers of global affairs is said to have forsy become a curriculum in english speaking workd out of wales in the 1910s- whether that's verifiable -going forward the schwarzman model is the most exciting ever to have returned the purpose of unibersities to realising youths dreams for their generation. It would be nice if a board of dreamers could honor eg Yoko On and her kind of miaiisonary impossible. It would be interesinfg iof Jimmy Wales' wikipedia 21 could be edited by alumin and turirs of schjwarzman and partners wherever they had a forward view of an entrepreneurial revolution that encyclopaedias have never previously been able to futurise.

 Just as education understanding of value chain transformation poetntial of ecoomerce was not undestood in usa of 1990s, the mobile smart apps revolution to climaax the 200s wasnt uderstood by teachers or politicians. Just as the world was robbed by von neumans greatest decade beingended by cancer, so was jobs'. Chia and anyone who values smart mobile youth marjeters leapt ahead by 2009 just as wall street and EU collapsed paper currency again. Most controversially of all - governments in west made telecoms carriers to burdened in deby with expensive spectrum auctions that usa exited the race to 5G leavibg it to botrdiba and Ren Zhengfei. It remains unknown whether the family firm of hiuawei is the greaest gift to all millenials but ceryainly the 3 hiuge ecosystems of Jack Ma and Pony Ma and Robin Li could not have emerged without huawei nor can the future of hong kong or other wired up supercities of the sdg generation be advanced in time without opening up knowhow instead of patent and other wars. If you go back to vo neumans work he was clearr- never alow a patent in communtions to last more athan a few months - tahts ,ore than enough advantahe to link in best for humanity partbers if thats the purpsoe of this kind of tech. Whats fascinating today is places such as cities are the only way 5g to f humanising Ai can ruly happen. Mayors and city billioanires now need to be celebrated not politically but for sustainability od all of us - explore whether folks like bllomberg and Ka-Shing will help folks like Guterres and Ban Ki -oon with #DigitalCooperation. Look as this facinating nhk world debate on whether social movements car manufacturers ubers of this world can chnage the mobility of every world citizen provided politicians end all sllf-funding by luddite lobbyists.


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NIST Smart Cities and Communities Framework Series

Smart Cities and Communities Framework Structure

Smart Cities and Communities Framework Structure

Background: When considering smart technologies, cities and communities seek best practices for achieving standards-based solutions that are replicable, scalable and readily adoptable.

Goal: The NIST Smart Cities and Communities Framework (SCCF) series will provide cities and communities with best practices and technical guidelines for the planning, developing and implementing smart solutions. Industry stakeholders and the research community can use the NIST SCCF as a reference to further their innovation and product development goals, and to improve the quality of service. The target audience includes city and community officials, technology innovators, researchers, project planners and managers, and other implementers.

Smart Cities and Communities Framework Series: Through the Global City Teams Challenge (GCTC), NIST collected a large amount of information on best practices in the field of smart cities and communities. The NIST SCCF series consolidates and organizes this information, as well as, continues to build additional frameworks for new emerging topics in smart cities and communities. The NIST SCCF series addresses theoretical and practical aspects of smart cities and community development. The series also includes best practices, ranging from issues cutting across all aspects of smart cities and communities, to those applicable for establishing smart sectors, such as smart transportation. Additionally, the series includes methods and case studies.

Smart Cities and Communities Framework Series' Four Categories: NIST SCCF publications are categorized to facilitate reference and use. The following publications, in these categories, reflect those currently available, or planned. Additional publications will be developed to address issues as they emerge. The following list summarizes the current pipeline. Each publication is in a different stage of development.

Category 1: Cross-cutting and Foundational Issues: This category addresses issues impacting all aspects of smart cities and communities’ development, such as data, platforms, key performance indicators, municipal IoT, cybersecurity and privacy. The current pipeline includes the following (in no specific order):

  • Smart City Introduction/Overview/Context
  • IES-City Framework
  • Cybersecurity and Privacy Guidebook (CPAC)
  • Data/City platform
  • Wireless - Municipal IoT
  • KPI/maturity assessment

Category 2: Sector-specific Issues: This category addresses smart city and community services, such as smart transportation. The current pipeline includes the following (in no specific order):

  • Transportation
  • Public Safety
  • Utility
  • Wireless - Public WiFi
  • Agriculture and Rural
  • Smart Buildings

Category 3: Implementation, Methods, and Approaches: This category provides publications addressing collaboration, innovation capacity building, education, procurement, economic sustainability and more. The current pipeline includes the following (in no specific order):

Category 4: Case Studies: While publications in other categories may include case studies, those in this fourth category exclusively address case studies, providing detailed analysis. The current pipeline includes the following (in no specific order):

NIST will continue to identify gaps and add topics as appropriate. It is expected that new subjects will be added whenever a missing link is identified through the consensus of stakeholders. This bottom-up process will encourage stakeholder engagement and ensure the selected topics are directly relevant to the needs of stakeholders and users.

Further Information and How to Get Involved: For additional information, contact Dr. Sokwoo Rhee (), Associate Director, Cyber-Physical Systems Innovation.

back in 1760 2 scots adma smith and james webb started an exploration of how markets and engines could advance the human lot - the rest is future hostiry at least the way we hope our serach for worldrecordjobs creators linksin


sample of dera wrj letter asking for coo-peration advice

would it be possible to meet someone in the team around Ban Ki-Moon?

Common interests: celebrating BRAC fazle abed japan olympics and much moore value multipliers of girls being valued as  much as boys 

these are my family's interests as they relate to mapping an sdg world particularly across 6/10 people who are asian


because my father www.normanmacrae.net navigated airplanes as teenager in world war 2 over modernday myanmar and bangladesh his life's work aimed to sub-edit how to end poverty at The Economist over 5 decades starting in 1947 -this weekly had been founded by scot james 1843 round such a purpose- dad also married the daughter of sir kenneth kemp the british chief justice who wrote up legalese of india's independence after 25 years with gandhi in mumbai- 3 generations of my mothers side had been pharmacists  (kemps corner mumbai) and nurses- therefore while i believe continent and ocean infrastructure and cultures mapping is needed everywhere my family and friends have tried to study most of the borders that the brutish raj needed to roll back across Eurasia, and romano prodi joined in co-translating father's 1976 survey of entrepreneurial revolution and cals to transform both finance and education around community grounded livelihood networks

UN 75 years young in 2020

it was dads view that money spent on wars would never go back to norman unless the UN relaunched 7 of the G8 empires and as soon as that was done started to remap a world wherever the next girl was born she had a fair chance at life- something that the rising technologies associated with moon race and moores law made possible


by 1962 dad was celebrating his old enemy japan for inventing better engineering (with deming) and sharing this in trade across the far east islands taiwan hong kong singapore-so my family of diaspora scots always feels at home with japans world trade models especially in 1978 when japan gave all its engineering knowledge to deng - permitting china to come back to the world 118 years after it had withdrawn rather than accept british ultimatum to accept opium as a currency-

dad left a small bequest so that youth and adam smith scholars could form a journal of the real solutions coming from bangladesh

so put everything together my friends are overjoyed that last weekend Ban- Ki Moon has launched brac university, we are sad that the ten cenj prize to sir fazle didnt happen in hong kong 2 dec (an island with a fantastic future)- we hope that tokyo olympics will be even more of a turning point in celebrating community building youth eg with partners of japans www.musicforsdgs.com than 1964

I am in vienna mainly to discuss what leading indian corporate founders can do next to celebrate sdg world across asia


Writing from washington dc - it seems we are at 2 crossroads especially now that moores law means that where 5g is actually invested in machines will have almost a trillion times more amnalytic power than was needed to race to the moon

in 1984 i coauthored 2025 Report with dad- we mapped goals for 5G 4G 3G 2G 1G around the hypothesis that sustainability's irreversible deadline was 2025- give or take 5 years friends of my father and i see no mathematical reason to change the urgency of these timelines


sincerely chris macrae

 norman macrae foundation bethesda MD USA