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Transfornation fall 19 : twit 1 digital us copies china  (twit accounts of china digiat-for-youth revolution)

Dont let economists, media and politicians bamboozle you. The simplest idea is:

youth is every community's win-win currency,

exponentially the "moore" so humans design tech not the other way around;

western politicians (especilay US congress and Brussels EU) designed paper money to be the biggest win-lose currency over and over (eg subprime),

sustainability can be achieved with all the new technology if and only if every places value mobilising youth connections with advancing human lot- its own and all purposeful youth who map with it




 the 6 failings of western education -not freeing student to questioning these futures ahead of time for sustainability goals (including their parents investments and public servants purpose) to bhappily integrate their lives and livelihoods hubbing out of every community

1 #1984 languages for all- coding as global pc langauge eg Gates changed how language and culture edu needed to be celebrated

2 #1989 webs for everyine to be a livelihood learner and teacher- berners lee needed to be valued before ecommerce

3 #1995 ecommerce everyine can design value chains to endsure local sustainability

4 #2000 mobile for all- satellites were always other great innovatiion of the moon race decade along with moore's promises 100 times more tech per decade

5 digital big data for all - in the west google's do no eveil purpose needed to be questioned like this - in the east, JJM investors in AI were already prepping for this in 2001

6 places big data for all -from the poorest global vilage to the richest snmart city and mapping green infarstructure and girls safety everywhere in between

 what to do by 31 dec 2019:

make sure any tech revolution of 2020s already has a virally popula story and that media's newscasters know these stiries by heart- eg what is AI 5G IOT cyber 3d - 5 sense augmentation biotech blockchain big-data-small as well as what is edutech fintech ecoomerce and other techs the 2010s has already  

reread the economist entrepreneurial revolution resources 1972-1984 on how to question 4 decades ahead of time and whether your enterprsies are locally deep enough not just big 

understand that any nation that goes alone in the 2020s will be a pathetic loser - which nations will support each other youth how; clue those who celebrate sdg solution inventors can help all natuions youth win-win-win 


resources from economistdiary.com 

on the next 40 years 1972-1984

1972 next 40 years end paper currency and other biggest risks of non-trapsrant politicins

1976 entgrepreneuruial revolution- none of west 3 biggest legslated forms corporate gov nmgo can sustain future youth- transformation economists needed to innovate small enterprsie networking format

1982 intrapreurial now

1984 2025 report - the map of the 6 transformational challenges education will need to celbrate before 2020s final; race to sdgs 




 10 time moore

-affordable health 1984 

-why empires never designed education to value youth- what you can as tecaher or stiudent can do about it


on celebrating each others nations

lapan 1962 and 

 eurasians biggestworld poulation

china 1977



s africa 1968




Geographers, historians, economists and teachers have failed youth by causing one of the top 5 missing curricula of livelihoods-in addition to the 6 failures of education bto undersatnd the transformational opportunities of tech


5 mapping trade so that every community can sustain win-wins

 4 missing curriculum teen peer to peer networking roles in adolescent health and safety, 

3 what's the first thing your community can virally action to win from by going green - it might be ending plastic, it might be smart water knowledge tailored to the combination of water challenges of your peoples and their neighbours it might be all sorts of new transportation models shared with pther places that had analagous transport challenges 

2 10 times lees cost to practice coding languages loving each others cultures -the best solution we ever heras to this was a 11 year old who taught a thousand other 11 yeras olds to be english speaking tourist guides to a place that hadnt seen tourism for 110 years because previously foreigners had tried to turn the peopels into opium addicts- today that guy is the un's leading adviser on job creating education and technology- and a partner in the most human investments in ai and other 2020s technology that cound be found from the far east of tokyo to the far west of silicon valley and anyhwher asking the UN for advice in between

anything you cant learn by sitting in classrooms beuase its an experiential skill - it tirns out that there are many ways to make a community happy from music to afrts to sports - all need experiential learning- but all only sustain local communities if you can find a way to celebrate local fashion designs- fashion and  is 90% driven by what build youth- let young women manage these markets in every way opposite to old male agents - its very sad to me as a disapora scot that the largest investment in mass media the bbc got this all wrong over and over again- futureofbbc.com when it comes to media there is nothing wring in 2020 with the idea of spotting a worst case media and viralising the exact opposite movement- of course one hopes educatirs abd loval community public servants will be on youths side - a network of places where this happens is something the UN needs to be celebrating

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