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Freeing peoples communications- curriculum how huawei freed china, bell freed canada & USA

maYunLaunches loveq's youth education economy networking in education at UN NY to celebrate first year 15-16 action learing curve of 17 sdgs -student yera 18-19 to climax with world launch of DC networking laumched out of the reformed geneva - europe's primary supercity of AI and sustainable youth hub partenrships; student year 2019-20 to climax with olympics relaunched to value all youth not adminstraors with swiss bank accounts

Jack Ma, Founder of Alibaba Group and an Education Commission Commissioner, shares his thoughts on why L-Q is most ..

what on earth is happening 2019-2025 to the deepest human values what three-in-one laguage world (chinese-english-coding) of gill's world number 1 educator calls loveq- mapping this new world thye swiss call industrial revoltion 4 is one of the great missing curricula the under 30s generation are going to need to help the old world to sing - from the new series of olympics on - for those who understand branding i vote for the worlds most open education partners (eg friends of jack ma and antonio guterres) teach teh world to sing than an obestity addicting soda-water- even though up to end of world war 2 Coke'sw pause that refreshes was worthy of being the first global branding celebration 


"I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony)" is a pop song which originated as an advertising jingle, produced by ... 

 winter 2018/9 pick of UN alumni web-resources sustaining youth's livelihoods

The Future of Knowledge 06 Dec 2018


A Foresight Report


This report presents a pilot study, covering 20 countries, on the future fields of knowledge that will shape the future of knowledge societies.

To achieve the goal of the study, the report was divided into four chapters. A detailed methodology is presented in Chapter 2, followed by a detailed analysis of the main findings in Chapter 3, then discussions on key knowledge issues, perspectives, and trends in Chapter 4. The chapters are interlinked with one another in order to give the reader a holistic approach to the future of knowledge societies. 

Singforhope -for the first and only hour so far -herstory truly takes centre stage at the US congress as th eyunus family reaches for gold


April 17, 2013: Muhammad Yunus receives the Congressional Gold Medal. His daughter, Soprano Monica Yunus, sings Stephen ... 


  • Introducing the world as a jigsaw of trade and 
  • -up to 1500 the only maps were of an old world of asia europe and parts of africa that faced the med sea; 
  • until about 1914 those who emigrated to the main new world continent N America focused on building the states outwards from the North East landing points - then independently from 1776 (for many americans the purpose of the old world was to escape from it to "free" the new one). While the word entreprenurship was born in France (probably by JB Say around 1800) its late 20th century populated has been adjectivised by different and even conflicting theorists. In searching out world recodr job creatirs we value the entrpreneur who not only invented something inspiring but scaled a whole new world of productivity that improved the human lot exponentially sustaiing win-win trading opportunities. As the inventi9r of telecommunications Alexander Graham Bell's life offers a detailed case of many dynamics - not least how his emigration from scotland to USA via canada helped move USA to the forefront of 20th Communications but also in illustrating why wise mations dont expect standardised classroom examinations to offer the space needed for insanely great inventive mindsets to grow up.   
  • by 1900 american dream had started to become the world's most postive influence scientifically and commercally -this rose and rose  up to the moon race - 20th c america was the epicentre of amazing science even if some of technologies main sources were jewish immigrants like einstein and von neumanns alumni; at the time of the moon race my father started making his lifes work what "Entreprenurial Revolution" will shape human destiny "worldwide" if coms tech doubles every 7 yearsfrom 2030 to 1946 (that's over 4000 times moore)?



A great song by John Lennon and one of the best. 

source wikipedia : Graham Alexander Bell, born scotland 1847 died Canada 1922 - inventor of telephone

First invention and "LAB-HUB": As a child, young Bell displayed a natural curiosity about his world, resulting in gathering botanical specimens as well as experimenting even at an early age. His best friend was Ben Herdman, a neighbour whose family operated a flour mill, the scene of many forays. Young Bell asked what needed to be done at the mill. He was told wheat had to be dehusked through a laborious process and at the age of 12, Bell built a homemade device that combined rotating paddles with sets of nail brushes, creating a simple dehusking machine that was put into operation and used steadily for a number of years.[19] In return, Ben's father John Herdman gave both boys the run of a small workshop in which to "invent".[19]

From his early years, Bell showed a sensitive nature and a talent for art, poetry, and music that was encouraged by his mother. With no formal training, he mastered the piano and became the family's pianist.[20] Despite being normally quiet and introspective, he revelled in mimicry and "voice tricks" akin to ventriloquism that continually entertained family guests during their occasional visits.[20] Bell was also deeply affected by his mother's gradual deafness (she began to lose her hearing when he was 12), and learned a manual finger language so he could sit at her side and tap out silently the conversations swirling around the family parlour.[21] He also developed a technique of speaking in clear, modulated tones directly into his mother's forehead wherein she would hear him with reasonable clarity.[22] Bell's preoccupation with his mother's deafness led him to study acoustics.

His family was long associated with the teaching of elocution: his grandfather, Alexander Bell, in London, his uncle in Dublin, and his father, in Edinburgh, were all elocutionists. His father published a variety of works on the subject, several of which are still well known, especially his The Standard Elocutionist (1860),[20] which appeared in Edinburgh in 1868. The Standard Elocutionist appeared in 168 British editions and sold over a quarter of a million copies in the United States alone. In this treatise, his father explains his methods of how to instruct deaf-mutes (as they were then known) to articulate words and read other people's lip movements to decipher meaning. Bell's father taught him and his brothers not only to write Visible Speech but to identify any symbol and its accompanying sound.[23] Bell became so proficient that he became a part of his father's public demonstrations and astounded audiences with his abilities. He could decipher Visible Speech representing virtually every language, including LatinScottish Gaelic, and even Sanskrit, accurately reciting written tracts without any prior knowledge of their pronunciation.[23]


As a young child, Bell, like his brothers, received his early schooling at home from his father. At an early age, he was enrolled at the Royal High School, Edinburgh, Scotland, which he left at the age of 15, having completed only the first four forms.[24] His school record was undistinguished, marked by absenteeism and lacklustre grades. His main interest remained in the sciences, especially biology while he treated other school subjects with indifference, to the dismay of his demanding father.[25] Upon leaving school, Bell travelled to London to live with his grandfather, Alexander Bell. During the year he spent with his grandfather, a love of learning was born, with long hours spent in serious discussion and study. The elder Bell took great efforts to have his young pupil learn to speak clearly and with conviction, the attributes that his pupil would need to become a teacher himself.[26] At the age of 16, Bell secured a position as a "pupil-teacher" of elocution and music, in Weston House Academy at Elgin, Moray, Scotland. Although he was enrolled as a student in Latin and Greek, he instructed classes himself in return for board and £10 per session.[27] The following year, he attended the University of Edinburgh; joining his older brother Melville who had enrolled there the previous year. In 1868, not long before he departed for Canada with his family, Bell completed his matriculation exams and was accepted for admission to University College London.[28]

First experiments with sound

His father encouraged Bell's interest in speech and, in 1863, took his sons to see a unique automaton developed by Sir Charles Wheatstone based on the earlier work of Baron Wolfgang von Kempelen.[29] The rudimentary "mechanical man" simulated a human voice. Bell was fascinated by the machine and after he obtained a copy of von Kempelen's book, published in German, and had laboriously translated it, he and his older brother Melville built their own automaton head. Their father, highly interested in their project, offered to pay for any supplies and spurred the boys on with the enticement of a "big prize" if they were successful.[29] While his brother constructed the throat and larynx, Bell tackled the more difficult task of recreating a realistic skull. His efforts resulted in a remarkably lifelike head that could "speak", albeit only a few words.[29] The boys would carefully adjust the "lips" and when a bellows forced air through the windpipe, a very recognizable "Mama" ensued, to the delight of neighbours who came to see the Bell invention.[30]

Intrigued by the results of the automaton, Bell continued to experiment with a live subject, the family's Skye Terrier, "Trouve".[31] After he taught it to growl continuously, Bell would reach into its mouth and manipulate the dog's lips and vocal cords to produce a crude-sounding "Ow ah oo ga ma ma". With little convincing, visitors believed his dog could articulate "How are you, grandma?" Indicative of his playful nature, his experiments convinced onlookers that they saw a "talking dog".[32] These initial forays into experimentation with sound led Bell to undertake his first serious work on the transmission of sound, using tuning forks to explore resonance.

At age 19, Bell wrote a report on his work and sent it to philologist Alexander Ellis, a colleague of his father (who would later be portrayed as Professor Henry Higgins in Pygmalion).[32] Ellis immediately wrote back indicating that the experiments were similar to existing work in Germany, and also lent Bell a copy of Hermann von Helmholtz's work, The Sensations of Tone as a Physiological Basis for the Theory of Music.[33]

Dismayed to find that groundbreaking work had already been undertaken by Helmholtz who had conveyed vowel sounds by means of a similar tuning fork "contraption", Bell pored over the German scientist's book. Working from his own erroneous mistranslation of a French edition,[34] Bell fortuitously then made a deduction that would be the underpinning of all his future work on transmitting sound, reporting: "Without knowing much about the subject, it seemed to me that if vowel sounds could be produced by electrical means, so could consonants, so could articulate speech." He also later remarked: "I thought that Helmholtz had done it ... and that my failure was due only to my ignorance of electricity. It was a valuable blunder ... If I had been able to read German in those days, I might never have commenced my experiments!"[35][36][37][N 6]

Family tragedy

In 1865, when the Bell family moved to London,[38] Bell returned to Weston House as an assistant master and, in his spare hours, continued experiments on sound using a minimum of laboratory equipment. Bell concentrated on experimenting with electricity to convey sound and later installed a telegraph wire from his room in Somerset College to that of a friend.[39] Throughout late 1867, his health faltered mainly through exhaustion. His younger brother, Edward "Ted," was similarly bed-ridden, suffering from tuberculosis. While Bell recovered (by then referring to himself in correspondence as "A. G. Bell") and served the next year as an instructor at Somerset College, Bath, England, his brother's condition deteriorated. Edward would never recover. Upon his brother's death, Bell returned home in 1867. His older brother Melville had married and moved out. With aspirations to obtain a degree at University College London, Bell considered his next years as preparation for the degree examinations, devoting his spare time at his family's residence to studying.

Helping his father in Visible Speech demonstrations and lectures brought Bell to Susanna E. Hull's private school for the deaf in South Kensington, London. His first two pupils were deaf-mute girls who made remarkable progress under his tutelage. While his older brother seemed to achieve success on many fronts including opening his own elocution school, applying for a patent on an invention, and starting a family, Bell continued as a teacher. However, in May 1870, Melville died from complications due to tuberculosis, causing a family crisis. His father had also suffered a debilitating illness earlier in life and had been restored to health by a convalescence in Newfoundland. Bell's parents embarked upon a long-planned move when they realized that their remaining son was also sickly. Acting decisively, Alexander Melville Bell asked Bell to arrange for the sale of all the family property,[40][N 7] conclude all of his brother's affairs (Bell took over his last student, curing a pronounced lisp),[41] and join his father and mother in setting out for the "New World". Reluctantly, Bell also had to conclude a relationship with Marie Eccleston, who, as he had surmised, was not prepared to leave England with him.[42] 



 take tour of known world 1000-1500

med sea 

6 sections of continental asias  plius one main island japan

5 parts of continental europes plus island duo britain and ireland


note we mainly show modern names though national boundaries often fuzzier etc up to 1500 

MED SEA & 1 West Asia


places facing med sea had settled into largely positive wotld trades- between europ, africa and amazingly what we call w asia (but is now called middle east)- peculiar things about west asia- most glden rule religins born here; western terminal of longest ever overland world trade route- spices and silks from tghe far east were in so much demand that win-win elay across 100s of places from east to west mainly zigzagged around latitude 30ish- noticeably if you started sil riad from far east end cultures were dominated by multiple soirtis and clan-type-determination different from eacgh goilden rule's religion's own god

venetians were perhaps the sea's greatest traders and origin of the greatest explorer marco polo- their wealth was re-inveted in arts; also and we would love more detial on this- those who followed franscican branch of catholic networking were alumni of ending local poverty- in the case of males loving natiure- in case of tghe felale clares last mile healt servants

largely this was an era when economies were correlated with population size- it was to become decimated by the mercatule colonial era  - but lets compare regions up to 1500



 2 south asia coastal bdelt - as you exited the guld you cam across the wprlds largest population about quarter of people living aroud south asia coastgal belt and india subcontinent (not including s e asia penisular)


3 almost as large regional population;- china (kporea) found on the continental Asia facing the habitable east coat belt up to about lat 50, including the first part of lat 20 costal belt turning west  4 continental outh east asia and what may now be caled asean which adds in eg philippines and indoesia 5 area facing nirthern and icelocked coast - mainly russia- plus landlocked mongolia and central asia 6 other asia1 continuing west along northern belt you reach nordica and baltic parts of europe   2 you then come across north sea europe (ie countries whose only coastal belt i north) as well as landlocked places which linked tyhemselves to northern urope3 you then come across places woth bot north sea and med sea belts primarily france, spain  (portugal)   4 heading back to asia along med sea we have italy and souther europe 



two people taught me as an Oxbridge MA in statistocs to big data analyse how the world maps in 7 year leap: I feel like alice through the looking glass more of a novice at this mapping the more data emerges- apparently accporidingt to this UN report susch information will soon start doubling ever day- i assume no human mind will keep up with this and rather hope that girsl voice get their share in shaping what data AIdemocracy spins round

Bill Gates in the way ahead- microsoft almost went bust because he had perfected its olanning it before the first 7 years of berners lee www: just as it had not been oblvious to manufactiruers of computers that sofatware was the more valuable maket- it wasnt obvious in 1989 thyta microsoft would need to be tyhe first internet company - that distribted its products digitally and without borders 

My father normanmacrea- in making sense of the world from his desk at The Economist 1948 to 1990 - he also mapped back from 2025 to the start of the economist in 1843 -very roughy speaking his value true hypotheses - the human race's sustainbility would depend on valuing those who grow up 2025 versus 1990 as developing at least 10 times moore wealth and health than this who worked at grown with mother earth from 1946 to 1990; in turn over 10 times moore than thise who started the industrial revolution i9n new and old worlds -ten times moore than those mapping the known old world in 1000 

 Maps of the world might consider various factors:

population size -with segments such as location and how the half of the world aged under 30 varies by place

how much of mothers nature land and waters is being used 

how much SDG knowledge under 30's language networks can share as win-wins 

how much zero-sum finance is available for eg women to innovate more than zero-sum gamesmanship 


  how little i know- can you improve the jiogsaw- i only speak english- i use western dating of how the world evolved- as a disapora scot i come from the majority of our people who are immigrants (not having ever worked out of scotland with the exception of helping adam smith scholars start up the women economics journal of social business which i did mainly online)- when i grew up in london teacghers dindt dare examone the war-torn histiry of 1843 onwards so i grew up illietaerte of how natuonal boundaries morphed but am glad that a diaspora scottish record of this exist from 1843 to 1990- ironically in the last quarer of a century it appears that japan has taken back the ft reporting and italy has beome the main banker for the economist reporting- possibly a happy mediation circulstnace for peace-seekers and those whose models of curreny includes mapped extremeities of the silk road dynamics from 1000 until the british empire collapsed this main global trading route - i9f you have a twitter length corection of the above that i can understand i will try to post it here with direct reference to a listing at our shared digiotal cooperation account obamauni ( back in 2008 muhmammd yunus had suggetsed thta living in dc i should sytart searching ebtrepreneurs in inner city non-white open learning networks - what curricloum could be learnt form alumni of obama as he trasfromed ameriuca  beyond subprimed finace and health seemed worth journalising- to tell you the truth i havent found what i hoped ameriucan under 30s could most work on now from obama alumni but the lists provide hubs and other spaces to explore sdg economic zones every which way)    


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