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Curriculum - have a problem, community is the solution - spoecial thanks to world record job creators meg wheatley and harrison owen


 2018 is my 22nd birthday - of being a netizen; in my experience the most productive search in youth's world links

real and virtual community solutions in collaborations can go -learn-acoion-  viral and positively around the world

 CATALOGUING COMMUNITY FOR ALL MICROFRANCHISES  rsvp isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com

we are working with student unions and any network representing the half of the world aged under 30 and particularly the quarter of women under 30 

nominations welcome - please provide web site - a first answer to what the world of communities would miss if they didnt know this existed;

if you see some belt roads (clusters of nations where these solutions can build friendships across youth ) where you feel this community solution is most urgent please tell us where they are



 examples - in no particular order

singforhope.org is the oldest solution i have personally tracked - a budding opera singer monica yunuis was in manhattan on 9/11 2001 - 

until that day she thought she had done pretty well getting scholarships to all the best networks a russian-amercam-bangladeshi imigrant who wants to be a great opera singer could attain; now she wanted to add something more- how about bringing the arts to all the poorest childrens communities and hospitals- sing for hope has spent 15 years taking the arts to almost every poorest district within 15 miles of wall street:

it grows more famous every year with its birthing of pianos; in mid summer extraodinary painted painos appear on the sreets of manhattan;

within 2 weeks they are retired to a poor choldrens community with a star guardian who makes sure events continue year round ;

new york has lots of theatrical talent with occasional down time ; typically they are the ones who paint the pianos often in the colors of a favorite community movement or inspirational learning ; its taken 15 years to understand how to multiply the most famous opera stars, sponsors who want ro see this grow and grow, communities linked together across over 100 square miles of new york- we think that this movement is rfeady to fly to any supercity that wants families to thrive in every community re-energising  arts and youthful participation- so do top notch sponsors like shanghai's number 1 entrepreneur, founder of Fosun;

its rumored that 2020 alibabas olympics is going to have a fringe expo of greatest community solutions where stars give back - we look forward to hearing of nominations that need to be there

the special olympics is headquartred in dc but has thousands of local communuity partners worldwide- ceo timothy shriver has a second great poassion experiential learning which broadly means any after classroom activity children can learn from doing in the community; it could well be tata the special olympics has the most local partners of any worldide network of its kind- we'll be mapping more on this but would really welcome corespondents who already participate


 the specialists is a family network that is creating a million jobs for youth with autism; it shows what skills

they can be exceptional at eg coding and then targets long-term human resource partnershipos with the most relevant and responsible global market leader  

over the 15 years this wave of the future has been continuously improving a one month educational program 

on how special many types of people are who have one disadvantage compared with normal society but compensate for

this with extra skills. There is for example a whole sublab at MIT looking at how human and tech sensors can come tigether-

eg today blind people can wear spectacles which enable them to see in the same way that robots see; most blind

people's other senses are far more developed that any seeing person can begin to imagine; when people talk about artificial intelligence replacing human jobs, we believe they have got the wrong e=nd of the stick; whats the point of all of this technology if we dont augment human skils; if we go on with broken 20th c economics of more and more thing consumption instead of developing smarter people and more thriving communities the chance of our species being sustained by our great grandchildren into c 22 seem very low - see  chapter 20 of These are the most exciting times to be alive 


a map is only valuable  if it leaves out no links - in case of global 2/0 - sustainable worldwide trade generation - it needs to help link everyone in starting with those who were never linked in during age of extracting things (industrial revolution 1)...we suggest youth report links from regions 1 to 10 and of course what ever most micro level you love to report within thise regions

why do we recomend these 11 regions may be good enough for friending worldwide integration 2017-2021?

 0 is china -  china is concerned with half a billion youth (under 30s) floursihing and since 2015's publication of 17 sustainability goals for uniting nations it has been asking how many chiense youth livelihoods depends on linking global youth libelihoods- in others words how many of the sustainability goals are the graeest cooeration goals the world of communities (families= youth [arents grandparents0 has ever needed to urgently develop world trade aps round

1 is region east and south of china and continuing maritiome west to eg singapoe and malaysia - this region has been the benchmark successe  of development in sevcond half of 20th C (one exception north korea); ingresients oif sucess quality enegineering and electronic sys)tems, brilainat infrastructure, exytraordinary energiused superports and supoercities, the love of nature and rural origins ( a desire to go green

for china's near term growth,  it might be tempting just map regions 0 and 1 but the puzzle is how would that sort of trade map ever include regions in west of china that are landlocked and so cant gain directly from superport maritime trade; this seems to be why president jinping has put a lot of effort to seeing if china can support win-win trades which can help end conflicts in both region 7 and region 3 (russia) it may be why jinping in his second year of 10 as a leader launched one belt one road out of the region 7 country Kazakhstan- moreover the idea of Shanghai CO started in early 2000s - a time when jinping's place leadership responsibilities linked here ............................................maymadness.jpg 



Map BeltEnglish.com

0 china

1 pacific china

2 India sub

3 Russia

4 E Europa

5 W Europa

6 N America

7 Stans & MidE.

8 Med Sea

9 Africa

10 S America



 please note  jinping is looking at every region at the same time -so in terms of developing win-wins he is concerned with the other billion person nation india (region 2 which stretches to its east=south throunh bangladesh and pure south through sri lanka) but region 2 can involve maritime plays. While much of region 3 and 7s exclusion from  world trade is due to being landlocked- interestingly part of region 7 has the  other problem - across the sea from the landlocked "Stans" is the mainly desert  area -the middle east - linked in by superports

regions 4 and 5 are east and west europe- we also double count natuons facing the med sea as this is currently peace and sustainability's hottest problem area as refugees escape war torn lands

 our map continues in the north west - region 6 north america

in the wouth west the region 10 south america

and in the slouth middle region 9 africa,

over the last 17 years chinese investments in both big southern regions can be audited for their long-term development potential' while they are furthest away from the original Eurasian silk road  china is building east coast africa infrastructure djibouti, ethiopia, kenya and hopes that peace can blossom through Egypt and countries bordering the suez canal back into the med sea

equally china dialogues with south america especially argentina and chile now have 17 yeras plus of investment trust and the connections betrween g20 china 2016 and g20 argentina 2018 (the popes homeland) can be  one of youth worlds greatest highlights during the student year 2017-2018



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